Crown Reduction in Essex

When a tree becomes too high and starts to cause problems such as blocking out sunlight or growing Into its surroundings then you need a crown reduction

Leave it to RT Contractors to handle the process of reducing the height of a tree, and re-shaping it to fit more appropriately into its surroundings. Whether you have multiple trees or a single tree - we can help you with crown reduction. We only use experienced, qualified and professional tree surgeons who understand how to carry reductions whilst maintaining a healthy tree and the local environment.

Essex Crown Thinning

A crown reduction reduces the height of the canopy usually, around 15%. The pruning cuts will be small to prevent harming the tree and encourage healthy regrowth. A completed crown reduction will reduce the wind resistance of the tree which improves its strength against storms and strong winds.

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Professional Crown Reduction services in Essex
Crown Reduction services in Essex
Essex Crown Reduction services

Our Essex Tree Services

Crown Reduction Experts You Can Trust To Care For Your Essex Trees

We provide top-quality tree reduction and crown thinning services. Our expert tree surgeons are trained in various tree reduction methods including:

Crown Cleaning Essex: This involves the removal of dead or dying wood, stumps of broken or poorly cut branches and unwanted epicormic shoots. Crown cleaning can also include the removal of unwanted climbing plants such as ivy or foreign objects like wires.

Dead Wooding Essex: Dead branches on a tree can break and fall off. Dead Wooding is the process of removing these branches. Overhanging branches in public areas can be dangerous and should be removed promptly for safety reasons.

Tree Pollarding Essex: Tree pollarding is a method of management where the main stem of a young tree is removed to encourage regrowth. The regrowth that then occurs can be regularly removed (re-pollarding) back to the same point (the pollard head).

Crown Lifting Essex: Crown lifting is carried out to raise the clearance between the lowest hanging branches and the ground level. This can be carried out for a number of reasons such as improving visibility, providing access and allowing more light to reach the ground. The lifting clearance should be to a specified height above ground level.

Crown Thinning Essex: Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches evenly throughout the tree to reduce the density without changing the overall size or shape of the tree. Crown thinning is designed to reduce damage that could result from crown resistance to strong winds and can be used to create more light and air throughout the tree.

Crown Reduction Essex: Crown reduction decreases the volume of foliage of a tree. The size of the drown is reduced from the outer edge making the shape of the tree more aesthetically pleasing. However, the more practical reasons are to reduce stress on the limbs and to increase the volume of light underneath the crown.

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